We are Mobile & Remote!

Hyperlinkit.com offers computer system new and used, built with best quality parts for longer life of your system, We do all repair services, upgrades and replacements and have a wide variety of hard to find parts, cables and adapters. We also do design and offer photography services for residential and commercial customers. Networking for residential or commercial, wireless or cable run.

Cyber Crime is becoming more of a problem along with more online shopping and banking identity theft has increased but you can be protected on your PC, Mac or any mobile device by subscribing to our Webroot SecureAnywhere Protection Software.

Hyperlinkit.com is now mobile and remote!

Hyperlinkit.com is fully mobile & remote. If you donít have time to bring your computer to us or have a problem with your computer but can still connect to the Internet we can come to you to diagnose problems with software or hardware and most times fix or repair any problem while we are there though there may be times we need to take your computer with us to spend more time to fix or repair. Having it at the shop will save you some money and have it done in a more timely manner. If it is something we think we can fix remotely we can connect to your computer and clean, scan for viruses and remove or show you how to do something and again with no trip to your home it will save you money because it saves us time. We will do whatever we can to take care of all of your computer or laptop problems and if you are starting an online business we have great deals and can help you from the start. From building a computer that fits your needs or consulting on what you need for what you want to do to creating a logo, website that is mobile friendly and creating social media pages and linking them all together to help get you business right away without paying a lot up front.

We now offering mobile computer and laptop repair at your business or home. Just call us 910-285-6497 and schedule a time convenient for you and we will come to take care of any problems you may have. Wether it is virus removal, software repair, software installation or upgrade, help on the phone with internet provider or to diagnos a hardware problem and possibly repair or replace at your home. Call and schedule now.

We also offer remote services. If you have internet and can connect we can take care of most problems from our office saving time and you money. We can access your computer and run virus scans, install software, clean up your computer and much more. Our remote service is available for a low flat rate of only $50 per hour with a minimum of $50

Hyperlinkit.com offers a wide variety of IT Solutions, Consulting and many services for Business and individual customers. We offer cloud services and back ups, Total monitored online protection and ID theft preveention, Business system maintenance, Website creation with mobile integration and social media mainenance and marketing. If you are just starting a business we can get you up and online with deals on everything you might need. Please contact us now with any questions about any of our products or services.