Computers & Computer repairs and Protection for Duplin County, Wallace and all of Eastern North Carolina and online services for the United States for 16 years!

Maintenance Plan Descriptions

Hyper Maintenance: Hyper Maintenance includes up to two(2) visits per month to clean and optimize computer or laptop. We will run test on hardware to prevent any system or hardware failures and will install any important updates that may be available for your software or operating system. Price includes all of this and trip charges but does not cover parts or any unforseeable long hour fix problems from viruses, power outages or physical damage to hardware.

Hyper Guard Protection Hyper Guard Protection works well with our Maintenance plans because it will help keep viruses off of your system by scanning with the latest definitions without you having to worry about updating the software, it will keep sites with suspicious script from being opened up in your browser or sites from sending you to another site without your permission. You will be able to work online with the comfort of knowing that you are fully protected and one added feature is that Hyper Guard protects your personal information from being stolen and leading to indentity theft. We receive a daily report and can see any malicious activity on your system so if there is a problem that the program didn't take care of we will contact you and manually take care of it if necessary. This program is run from the cloud and scans on a schedule and uses so little of your system resources you won't even know it is there while it is keeping you safe and locked down from any online threats!

Hyper Total: Hyper Total is a combination and the best of both worlds. You can sit back and just let us make sure your system is protected, clean and running the way you want it to. This plan includes all services listed in the two above plans and by combining plans you save!


Maintenance Plan Options

These prices are per computer, if you have multiple computers, tablets or phones please call us for more discounts.
Also before you purchase the "Hyper Maintenance Plan or Total Plan please see our coverage area to make sure you are in it. If not sure call us.