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Virus Removal -
At Hyperlinkit.com we use strong reliable software to remove viruses, spyware, adware and malware from your computer. While scanning for viruses we sometimes come across known softwares and downloads that cause the viruses and rewmove those also. Sometimes we do have to manually remove viruses and files to insure when you get home with your PC or laptop you will enjoy your games, surfing or be able to do your book work without any problems. After cleaning we can install a free antivirus or a well known brand such as Norton or McAfee to prevent future problems. Make sure you keep the software updated to keep latest virus definitions for new viruses.

Computer Repair -
Whether your computer is running slow, running hot, shutting off, whether it is hardware or software we can help you with your problem. Bring in your PC or laptop and we can check it out and tell you exactly what the problem is, what it will cost and how long it will take. We do have a minimum charge of $49 but if we repair your computer that cost goes towards your total bill. We will test the software to see if any files have been corrupted or damaged by viruses or hardware failure. If we find that it is a software problem we can clean the viruses, repair your registry and if needed repair your windows operating system..

If We find nothing wrong with the software and operating system we will move on and test your hardware, your hard drive, memory, motherboard, processor and power supply to find the problem. When we locate the problem we will let you know the price to repair or tell you that it may not be worth repairing.

Normal in shop repair time runs between two days and a week depending on severity of repair and getting parts we need.

Floppy drives, DVD & CD drives, Memory and HD can all be replaced or upgraded in most computers quickly and inexpensively. There are also adapters to go wireless for PC or Laptops. If the computer is more than a few years old we strongly recommend not spending money to upgrade the mainboard or Processor because technology is changing so fast and newer parts and software may not always work with older parts with different connections.

Upgrade installations run from $49 for a Floppy Drive, CD or DVD drive, HD and $100 for Mainboard.

Other Holiday Specials

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New Services

We are now offering mobile websites and apps to help you keep in touch with your customers and potential customers! Let us know what you need! We are also offering social media management service so you don't have to spend the time online all day! More info...

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